Yes i'm always Angry

Hello there Leeches of the Night (Official Call CP fans that as of today), I am in a really really really good mood so i thought i might as well add these great 3d art onto here if it isn’t on here in the first place. I Really like some of the designs of some of these characters(Especially Zalgo, Seed Eater and Eyeless Jack) And it goes to show that artist on DA can bring back more scare factor or Horror Appeal as what many may say from not just Drawing or Painting but also from 3D Art as well.

Credit goes to Dimelotu for this amazing 3D Art. Please check him out and give him support for his art, these are not the only ones he has done since he has done more(Like Other forms of Zalgo, Widemouth, JTK and others) characters but i liked these ones the most due to their design…Hope you enjoy might add more art from MKUltra159 as well who knows xD

P.s. I don’t really like this new uploading system tumblr did  for some reason xD